7 Amazing Basement Renovation Ideas That You Will Surely Like

7 Amazing Basement Renovation Ideas That You Will Surely Like

7 Amazing Basement Renovation Ideas That You Will Surely Like

It’s a fact that the basement is the most often overlooked area of the house. Because it’s always hidden from the eyes of guests and visitors, it becomes the perfect place to store old and unused items. The thing is basements can be more than just a storage area.

Basements can be the perfect place for fun and entertainment. They can become the perfect area to chill out, relax and unwind. Below are some of the most amazing ideas that each and every homeowner can do to turn a boring cold basement into a cheerful and lovable area of the house.

Music Studio

If you are into music, the basement can be your haven. You can set up your large speakers along with your musical instruments and turn it into a practice/jam area. You can even make it sound-proof to improve the quality of music and also to make sure that you won’t disturb anyone once you turn your beats up.

Play Area For Kids

If you have kids, you can set up a play area in your basement. You can build an indoor playground complete with swings, a see-saw, and slide. Adding a mini-basketball court is also a good idea if you have little ones. You can also set up some gaming consoles to give them another option just in case they got too tired running around.

Artist’s Workshop

Are you into painting? Do you love sculpting? Your basement can be a perfect place for you and your hobby. Aside from giving you the much-needed space and privacy to work, the basement can also safely hold your tools, equipment, and finished masterpieces.

Personal Gym

Are you a gym buff? Setting up a mini-gym in your basement is definitely a good idea. This can be very useful when you can’t go out, like for example if the weather is bad. If you want, you can also add a small T.V. and a small fridge that you can use when you are cooling down after an intense workout.

Mini Casino

Install one or two poker tables, a Russian roulette and a mini-bar and presto, you have a mini-casino where you and your friends can play around. For a more realistic casino feel, you can hire an interior decorator or just follow some DIY videos online for the interior design. So if you feel like playing some cards call some friends down and have some fun!

Home Theatre

Your whole family will surely love this idea! Transforming your empty basement into a mini movie theater is totally a fun and amazing feat. However, it might cost you a bit as you’ll need to invest in good and high quality audio-video equipment for this to happen.  A comfortable sofa and fridge filled with cold drinks and snacks are also a requirement. You may also need to sound-proof the basement to fully enjoy your movie watching experience.

Play Area For Adults

You can set up some arcade games in your basement for you and your friends to enjoy. You can also install a mini arcade basketball hoop for added flair. If you are into video games, setting up some desktop computers can also be done. The possibilities are endless as long as there’s space in your basement.

These ideas are just few of the many things that can be done in the basement. So if your basement is just sitting there catching dirt and dust, then it’s about time to give it a huge turnaround.

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