4 Helpful Tips For Room Additions That Homeowners Should Know

4 Helpful Tips For Room Additions That Homeowners Should Know

4 Helpful Tips For Room Additions That Homeowners Should Know

A room addition is one of the most effective ways to add more value to your home. Aside from expanding your square footage, an additional room can also give your home a brand new feel and look.

Adding a room is not an easy feat though. It requires careful planning and long preparation to get the results that you want for your home. You’ll need the right tools, equipment, skills and knowledge to be able to pull it off.

If you are serious about expanding your home by adding a new room, here are few tips and advice that can surely help you.

Explore your options

Adding another room doesn’t always mean that you need to expand your home. Sometimes, all you need to do is utilize the extra space inside your home. For example, if you have a pretty big garage, why not convert a part of it into a new room. Your basement, attic,and a part of your living room can be converted into a fully functional room too. If you don’t have these options, then expanding your home is your only solution.

Think about the purpose of your room addition

Before building or adding a new room, think about its purpose. Will it be a home office? A new dining room? Or simply a game room where your kids can freely play with their toys? With the purpose in mind, you’ll be able to create a suitable room. If it’s a home office, you might want to install wall mounted cabinets and shelves. If it’s a game room for the kids, child proofing the room should be your number one concern.

Plan carefully

With the purpose in mind, you should be able to picture the kind of details and design that you want. Write them down carefully on a piece of paper. Write down all the things that you want for your new room. From the materials to be used to the colors of the paint – make sure that all of them are written down for your own reference.

Choose good materials

The materials that you’ll use for your new room should match the quality of materials all throughout your home. If you don’t have the budget to get the exact same materials, then I suggest rethinking your room addition. Don’t settle for low quality materials to get the room addition you want as it might give you a headache and stress in the long run.

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  • I like that you suggested planning the room based off of how you will use it. I have been wanting to add another room but I wasn’t’ sure how to plan for it. I can see how it would be good for me to plan adding a closet, because I want to add a bedroom for my son to use.

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