Five Things on Friday

Five Things on Friday

Five Things on Friday

I can’t believe it’s already August 25! Where did summer go? Kids are heading back to school and the weather is changing (too quickly for my liking). For me, summer was kinda a drag. This was the first summer in about 18 years that I’ve worked full-time. I know that seems odd to some of you, but that’s the life of a teacher. I taught from 2000-2015, then took a few years off before taking a full-time job this past January. Unfortunately, that job didn’t work out so I’m back to having more time for me and blogging. I’ve been reflecting this week, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve discovered.  

Five Things on Friday:

  1. Home is good for my health – Being at home brings me comfort, joy, and greatly reduces my anxiety level. 
  2. Money doesn’t buy happiness – Yes, I’m going to miss my regular paychecks, but money does not buy happiness! 
  3. Household chores can bring joy– I’ve enjoyed my household chores this week and I’ve cleaned things that hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time! And I’m back to appreciating cooking (hubby loves that part). 
  4. Never take your life and health for granted – A young friend of mine was found unresponsive yesterday. As a sufferer of blood clots in the past, one traveled to her brain and caused her to have a seizure and stroke. Her outcome is still questionable, but she is responding to people.
  5. Enjoy the little things in life Life is too short. Take time for yourself. Don’t let stress run your life. Consider all aspects of life because they play a part on your overall health. Evaluate your life and make changes if necessary. You’ll be glad you did! 

How about you? Have you made any life changes lately? Are you ready to make a change? Or do you know you need to make a change? Take some time to reflect on life…Happy Friday and enjoy the weekend! Rachel 



  • I agree on not stressing about the little things – I’m definitely guilty of that. Sorry to hear that the job didn’t work out. I enjoy cooking as well :).

  • Sounds like some great realizations. I’m thinking about job hunting in a year or two, now that the kids are both in school full days… Good luck to you!

  • nadia

    Just watched a short TedED video encouraging viewers to start a 30-day challenge of doing something difficult or new in their lives. Thanks for reminding me to enjoy life to the fullest and simple thing really matter.

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