5 Key Advantages Of Manufactured Homes

5 Key Advantages Of Manufactured Homes


5 Key Advantages Of Manufactured Homes

According to statistics, manufactured homes currently make up about 20+ percent of all the homes sold in the United States. Experts claim that the numbers will continue to rise in the years to come. 

This trend is not that surprising knowing the amazing benefits and advantages of manufactured homes. It has become an ideal path to home ownership for millions of people especially to those who don’t have that much money to spend on a brand new home.

And if you are quite curious about the advantages of these homes, check out some of them below.


Manufactured homes are way cheaper than site-built homes. But this doesn’t mean that the materials used in building these homes are inferior in quality. They are priced lower because they cost less to build. The materials used in building these types of homes are purchased in bulk which means huge savings for consumers. And since they are built according to a well-designed process, there are no cost overruns and only leaves little room for error.


There are lots of styles and designs of manufactured homes. You can  select the type of window, cabinetry, carpet and flooring to be used on your house. Some manufactured homes are built with porches, garages, decks and vaulted ceilings. These types of homes are highly customizable so you can design it (as long as it’s approved by the builder) any way you want.

Quick to build

Site-built homes takes months to build, some even take years! Manufactured homes are quick to construct and take less than few months to fully build. Because they are constructed in factories, weather doesn’t affect the building process and nothing will interfere in its construction. So if you wanted to get a brand new home the soonest time possible, buy a manufactured home.

Environment friendly

Manufactured homes builders don’t waste a lot of building materials. As much as possible, they recycle their own scraps (considering they are still of high quality). And since they use less material and recycling is a part of their building process, it’s safe to say that manufactured homes are environment friendly structures.

Good value

A manufactured home is like any other home or property – they rise in value overtime. As long as they are properly built and well maintained, the value of these homes will rise up as years go by. Of course, it will also depend in the variety of market factors but the bottom line is they are still a good property to buy.

These are just few of many notable advantages and benefits of manufactured homes. So if you need an affordable property that you can call home, it might be right to consider investing in a manufactured home.

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