FREE Workout Videos for Home

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FREE Workout Videos for Home

The gyms and fitness centers are closed at this time due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Which means those of us who visited a gym are now looking for ways to exercise at home! I was about 8-9 weeks into weight training, and I was seeing so much progress! So, stopping suddenly is breaking my heart! For these reasons, I need to develop a routine from home. I’m going to be previewing and exercising to some FREE videos found online or through streaming services. As I do, I will list the ones I like and the benefits of them here. I hope you will find this resource beneficial. 

FREE Workout Videos for Home

Beginner 30 Minute Total Body Workout to Lose Weight on Amazon Prime is part of a series by Lemowell. I enjoyed this video so I plan to preview some others in the Lemowell series. This video was computer generated but had voice instructions to go with it. It states it’s for beginners, but I’m not sure a true beginner could keep us with the fast pace.

  • 30 mins of full body exercise
  • Interval training approach with 30-60 second exercises
  • Low and high impact
  • Modifications for exercises
  • No equipment needed (although you can use weights for some exercises)
  • Very little floor space needed
  • Constant reminders for proper posture and ab contraction 
  • Stretching exercises at the end


Remember, this is a work in progress (just like my health). I will try to update daily so please come back! 

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