Crosswinds Marsh Preserve in New Boston

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Crosswinds Marsh Preserve in New Boston

Today my husband, Dave, took me to a Wayne County Park called Crosswinds Marsh Preserve. It is located in New Boston, Michigan about 30 minutes from our home in Canton. Dave is a huge admirer of Bald Eagles and there are some living in this preserve, along with all kinds of other wild life. He also loves to take photographs of wild life.

Crosswinds Marsh Preserve is a 1,000 acre wetland/wildlife preserve which offers a variety of outdoor activities. There are seven miles of hiking trails, canoe rentals, fishing, picnic areas, 4.5 miles of horseback riding trails, and 4.5 miles of cross-country ski trails. There is no entry fee for the park.

Dave and I began our walk to one of two known Eagle’s nests. There were plenty of adult geese and goslings along the way. Adult geese are very protective of their young so when Dave and I found ourselves surrounded by a bunch of geese we decided to just walk leisurely in the middle of them (it was the only way to get through). Two adult geese started hissing at me as I walked in between them. When I turned around to see how Dave was coming along, he was stopped and all the geese were headed towards him. It was quite the sight. I was laughing, but I was also a little worried. I wasn’t sure if they thought he had food to eat or if they thought he was food! He stood still in one place for a short time and eventually they spread out and let him through. Such a sight!


The first Eagle’s nest was empty and there weren’t any Eagles to be seen near it, so Dave decided to head towards the second nest. Me…I decided my chair, a beautiful view, and my ice tea sounded just fine, so I sat while Dave ventured off.

Dave had better success on the second trail. He didn’t find the nest, but he saw an Eagle in a tree and one flying over head. What an amazing sight for him to see his favorite bird in the wild in our home state of Michigan.


The preserve was a beautiful place. It was clean and well maintained. If you live in the area and love the sights and sounds of nature, I would definitely recommend Crosswinds Marsh Preserve. It is open daily from dawn to dusk Tuesday through Saturday.


Park Information:

Crosswinds Marsh Preserve

27600 Haggerty Road

New Boston, MI 48164




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