Mission Trip Guatemala

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Mission Trip Guatemala

In late September, I will be going on a one week mission trip to Guatemala with a group from my church. It still doesn’t seem real that I will be leaving the country to go and touch the lives of children and adults who are in such need. I am so excited about the opportunity!

My church, Connection Church, in Canton, Michigan adopted a village in Guatemala called El Cruce. In the process of transforming this village, groups from my church have assisted in building a church, school, and a well for fresh water. During my trip to Guatemala we will be finishing the bathrooms of the school, working on the playground, teaching Vacation Bible School to the children and the word of God to the women of Guatemala.

We will be staying at the Hope of Life Campus. Hope of Life is an organization started by a man named Carlos Vargas. Vargas made a 25 year pledge to transform his home country with programs such as child sponsorship, community development, church planting, and the drilling of clean water wells. He developed the Hope of Life Campus which has a hospital, orphanage, special needs home, and elderly home. We will be sleeping in a building with running water and air conditioning. It won’t be the comforts of a Hilton, but it will be welcomed after a long day of work in the heat and humidity. We will be served Guatemalan food made by the people on the campus. I’ve been told the food is really good, so I’m anxious to try it. It is Mexican style food, which is my favorite.

Our first full day in Guatemala will be spent touring the campus of Hope of Life. We will be visit the hospital, orphanage, elderly housing, and special needs home. The next 3-4 days, we will spend in our adopted Village of El Cruce, which is about a 45 minute bus drive from Hope of Life. This is the heart of our trip as we will be completing the tasks listed above. At the end of our trip, we will have the opportunity to visit the area of our choice on the campus. Some will feel lead to visit the orphanage and others will visit the elderly housing or special needs home. Only time will tell where I’ll end up!!

I believe this trip will change my life. I am told that I will be the one blessed by this trip. It will be difficult to see people in such need, but rewarding to know that I played a part in changing their lives. God is good and I thank Him for this opportunity! Can’t wait to share more with all of you!

If you’d like information on sponsoring a child through Hope of Life or donating to my mission trip, please contact me.



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