Saving Money on Everyday Purchases

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Saving Money on Everyday purchases

Saving money on everyday purchases is so important for our budget. Sometimes it’s just a few cents here and there, but over time it adds up.

Below is a list of ways I save money:

1. GROCERY SHOPPING – When it comes to grocery shopping, I use coupons!!! We do not subscribe to the newspaper any longer, but there are online coupons that can be printed or added to your accounts at stores.

Kroger has digital coupons that you can add directly to your Kroger card. When you add a coupon, then use your Kroger card at the register, the coupons are automatically deducted from your bill.

Kroger Krazy – There is a Facebook page called Kroger Krazy. A girl named Katie finds all the deals at Kroger and posts them to her page. She also attaches links to coupons.

Kroger also has their fuel reward system. You can get discounts on gasoline at either a Kroger gas station or Shell Station. To earn points, use your Kroger card at the register. If you download a coupon at you can earn double points on certain days of the week (usually Friday, Saturday, Sunday). To use Kroger fuel points at a Kroger gas station or Shell Station, you will need to scan or enter your Kroger card number at the fuel pump.

Lastly, every Friday, Kroger has a Free Friday Download! If you download the Free Friday Coupon each Friday, you will receive that particular item FREE. The coupon must be downloaded on Friday, but it doesn’t expire for about two weeks. If you like the Kroger Krazy Facebook page, Katie will remind you to download the coupon each Friday.

Meijer mPerks – Meijer has digital coupons also. If you do not have a Meijer mPerks account, go to mPerks to sign up. Then before going shopping, go to mPerks to “clip” the coupons you’d like to use to save money. No need to print, just put your account information into the credit card reader at the register and the coupons are deducted automatically.

If you get prescriptions filled, mPerks has a wonderful reward system for filling prescriptions at the Meijer Pharmacy. You will receive a reward for every 5 prescriptions filled at the pharmacy, WHEN you add your account information into the card reader at the pharmacy. There are different rewards to choose from but my favorite is $10 off of a $10 purchase. To use the rewards, you must download them to your account.


Ebates is a free online shopping cash back reward system. Anytime you are shopping online, always check Ebates first to see if you can earn cash back for your purchase. If the online store participates with Ebates, you can use the Ebates link to shop and receive a rebate. If you shop for discounts on Groupon, Living Social, or, you can use Ebates to receive an additional percentage back on your purchases. Check out Ebates for more information on their cash back reward system.

Groupon – If you haven’t checked out Groupon, you are missing out!!! I love Groupon for discounts to local restaurants, movie theaters, and attractions. You can sign up free at, then they will send you local deals by email! I have saved so much money with Groupon. I’ve also tried many new restaurants because of the program. Remember to use Ebates for your purchase to receive cash back.

Living Social is another online discount program. I don’t use it as much as Groupon, but they offer some great deals too. If you are looking for local discounts or escapes, sign up free and check them out! Again, don’t forget to use Ebates for your purchase. if you are looking for dining deals, check out It is a free program that offers deals on restaurants in your area.


In addition to Ebates, there are a couple other programs I’ve signed up for:

Savings Star – I haven’t used this program too much, but it is a cash back incentive program. When you buy certain items at the store, then scan your receipt with your phone, you can earn cash back. Check out their website for more information.

Snap by Groupon is another cash back incentive program where you scan your receipt with your phone. Again, this is a program I need to check out more.


Emagine Theater has a free loyalty rewards program. Earn one point for every dollar spent at Emagine. Points earn free tickets, free concessions, and exclusive offers.

AMC Stubs – This program has an annual fee. Receive upgrades on concessions at the theater and rewards for money spent.

MJR Digital Cinemas – Free reward program for movie goers. Check out the terms and conditions at their website.


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