My Anniversary Surprise!

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This past weekend my husband surprised me with an Anniversary Trip!!! This is the second year in a row he’s completely surprised me. To read about last year’s trip, see my previous post entitled, Surprise Trip.

Unlike last year, this year we ventured outside of Michigan. Our first stop was at a park called Aullwood Garden Metropark in Englewood, Ohio. It is a beautiful garden surrounded by mature trees, various flowers and plants, and many species of butterflies and birds.

Along the side of the park, runs the Stillwater River which is kept at a safe level by the Englewood Dam. The Southern portion of Ohio has been experiencing a great amount of rain, so the Stillwater River, Ohio River, and other bodies of water are extremely high. The Englewood Dam was in full force because of the water level. It was amazing to watch the power of the waves crashing and swirling below the dam base.

After leaving the park, we continued south through the never-ending state of Ohio. We eventually reached a bed and breakfast in the hills of Indiana, between Aurora and Rising Sun. Tuggles’ Folly comprises fifteen acres perched on a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River and luscious greenery of the surrounding Valley. The owners, Dean and Debbie Tuggle, are following their retirement dream of receiving and entertaining guests from both far and near.
Tuggle's Folly

Just as Dave and I settled into our room at Tuggles’,there came a knock on our door. I was totally shocked to see my parents there all the way from southern Georgia! My husband invited them back in March and they ALL managed to keep it a secret from me! The trip had just taken a new turn as I was so excited to have them there!



We immediately left for dinner as we were hungry after driving all day. We found a floating restaurant located on the Ohio River. Riverwatch served average food such as sandwiches, hamburgers, fish, and salads. The interesting part about the restaurant was being on a barge in the Ohio River. The river was moving so quickly that it gave the false illusion that the barge was moving. What was even more fascinating was all the debris floating down the river. The water level was causing things such as branches and trees, tires, balls, and much more to cut loose and float down the river. It was incredible as the debris just kept coming!


River watch


Full bellies meant heading back to the bed and breakfast to play our favorite of all games – Euchre! We always play men versus women. The men love to win, we women play to have fun! The bed and breakfast had a room with a game table, pool table, pinball table, and television. It was a great space for playing cards and socializing.

The next morning we headed to another surprise destination. As we were driving, I kept trying to guess where we were going…the only thing I knew was that I needed walking shoes! We crossed the Ohio River into Kentucky and ended up at the Creation Museum. The state-of-the-art 75,000-square-foot museum brings the pages of the Bible to life, casting its characters and animals in dynamic form and placing them in familiar settings. The area within the museum is divided into spaces that allow for personal interaction with each of the 160 exhibits. There are also many theater presentations (most of which are an additional fee). Outside the museum is a petting zoo and botanical gardens. As we were purchasing our tickets, we were blessed to find out that every family that purchases two full-priced adult General Admission tickets in 2015 will receive two free admissions of equal or lesser value.

creation museum

Although I really enjoyed the museum, I feel it’s one of those places that I will only visit once in my lifetime. The museum is so packed full of information that they allow a consecutive day of visit for the price of one day. That was a nice feature even though we only spent one day there.

After the museum, we had dinner at another local restaurant then headed back to the B & B for more Euchre! I was delighted that my parents were there for cards for two of our three nights!

The next morning my parents left to head to Cincinnati to visit my brother and his family. Dave and I found there wasn’t much to do in the area. It was an extremely hot day, so most outdoor activities, such as the Cincinnati Zoo or Kings Island, were out of the picture. We ventured to a few small towns, but they were all run down and most stores were closed down. We ended up visiting a winery, an art store with art by local artists, a casino (for about 15 minutes – NOT our cup of tea), Big Lots, a Mexican restaurant for lunch and Chinese for dinner (we love Ethnic foods)! We discovered that we were there one day too long, but we tried to make the best of it.

All in all, it was a great trip!!! My husband is amazing at planning surprises. This is the third large surprise he’s planned in our 15 years of marriage. I look forward to many more surprises over the years!

dave and I


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