15 Ideas for Back-to-School

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15 Ideas for Back-to-School

15 ideas for back to school

School is back in session for many kids or will be after Labor Day, so it’s time to get into a back-to-school ritual. A structured schedule for children is a must. Children accomplish more in an environment that is structured and consistent.

Below is my list of 15 ideas for going back-to-school:

  1. Be sure your child is getting 8-12 hours of sleep every night (see chart below).
  2. Your child should eat a healthy breakfast before leaving for school.
  3. Be sure your child has a nutritious lunch.
  4. Have an organized morning routine.
  5. If allowed, send a healthy snack into school with your child.
  6. Set up a time for homework and try to stick with that time.
  7. Do not put off homework until the last minute or right before bed.
  8. Allow your child some down time between school and homework.
  9. Be sure your child is physically active during the day or after school.
  10. Your child should be reading on a daily basis
  11. Your child should be seeing you or another adult reading.
  12. Attend open house and parent-teacher conferences.
  13. Keep up on school notes.
  14. Communicate with the teacher.
  15. Volunteer in the classroom or school when possible.


Do you have any ideas that should be added to my list?


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