A Personal Support System

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One lesson that I have learned over and over in my life is the importance of a support system. Sometimes you need someone who will support you, listen, give advice, motivate you, or assist you in some way…a personal support system.

For those who try to tough situations alone, it can be a difficult uphill battle. On the other hand much wisdom, experience, and insight that can be gained from friends, family or coworkers who have been there and have learned what it takes to succeed.

I’ve found you may need different people for different circumstances, therefore it’s best to have a handful of people in your support system. These people must be trustworthy. Can you tell them something and they will keep it private? These people must also be honest. Will they tell you the truth about a situation and give you sound advice?

Some of the best people to turn to when you need support is your family. There is no substitute for family when it comes to support and encouragement. Some of my most sound advice comes from my dad. He is an amazing Christian man who is full of knowledge and experience. If I want honest advice, he will give it to me, and he’s always there for me.

As I was searching the internet, I found some tips from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for choosing people for your support system. Find someone who:

  • Gives good advice when you want and ask for it; assists you in taking action that will help
  • Likes, respects, and trusts you, and who you like, respect, and trust, too
  • Allows you the space to change, grow, make decisions, and even make mistakes
  • Listens to you and shares with you, both the good and bad times
  • Respects your need for confidentiality so you can tell him or her anything
  • Lets you freely express your feelings and emotions without judging, teasing, or criticizing
  • Works with you to figure out what to do the next time a difficult situation comes up
  • Has your best interest in mind

Do you have people in your life who fit these characteristics? Do you possess these characteristics? Does someone look to you as their support system? If not, it is important to begin thinking about who could be in your support system. We never know when we might get to the point of great difficulty or have a setback, therefore, we should have a support system in place to help us through these tough times. 

Who is in your personal support system?




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