A to Z Travel Tips

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A to Z travel tips

After just returning from Guatemala, I’ve had my share of traveling by airplane and bus. What better time to list some travel tips!!!
Check out my A to Z travel tips:

A – Always pack light!

B – Brush; bathing suit

C – Camera; clothes; Check-in before arriving at the airport

D – Documents

E – Earplugs; eye mask

F – Food/snacks; flashlight

G – Games; gum

H – Hat; headphones; hairdryer; hotel reservations

I – Insurance cards

J – Jacket

K – Keys

L – Luggage

M – Money; medication

N – Nightgown

O –

P – Passport; pillow; phone

Q – Q-Tips

R – Reading materials

S – Sanitizer; sunscreen; sunglasses; sweater (for plane)

T – Travel insurance; toiletries; technology

U – Umbrella; undergarments

V – Visa

W – Water bottle (bring an empty one to fill after passing security)

X – Be prepared for x-rays at security (sorry, it’s all I could come up with)

Y – Yummy snacks

Z – Visit a zoo at least once in your life.

I’m stuck on O and Y…any suggestions???? Also, what else would you add to my A to Z travel tips? 

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