40 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities

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40 Kid Friendly Holiday Activities

It won’t be long until Christmas break is here and many of you are already wondering…What am I going to do with my children? Of course, there is television or video games, but why not make the holiday break special for the kids and for you! Check out these ideas for a fun-filled holiday!

hand wreath

  1. Write a letter to Santa.
  2. Write Christmas cards to friends and family.
  3. Volunteer in your community.
  4. Make a gift or card for the mail delivery person.
  5. Spend a day making Christmas cookies.
  6. Take cookies to the local fire department or police station.
  7. Visit a living nativity.
  8. Sing carols in your neighborhood or at a local nursing home.
  9. Go sledding.
  10. Have a snowball fight.
  11. Go ice skating at an indoor or outdoor rink.
  12. Make a snowman.
  13. Make snow angels.
  14. Go to a local indoor pool.
  15. Have a holiday movie marathon.
  16. Make a gingerbread house.
  17. Create paper snowflakes
  18. Make up new words to a favorite Christmas song.
  19. Decorate a wreath.
  20. Have a picnic under the Christmas tree.
  21. Reuse holiday cards for crafts.
  22. Create construction paper stockings.
  23. Write a Christmas poem.
  24. Construct a wreath out of construction paper hands.
  25. Bake special snacks to set out for Santa.
  26. Visit a local museum.
  27. Go to a movie.
  28. Play with play dough.
  29. Put together a puzzle.
  30. Play a board game or cards.
  31. Have an indoor treasure hunt.
  32. Make noisemakers out of empty water bottles for New Year’s Eve.
  33. Blow up balloons and decorate.
  34. Create party hats out of construction paper.
  35. Jump on bubble wrap to ring in the New Year.
  36. Set up a slumber party for New Year’s Eve.
  37. Decorate your own ball to “drop” at midnight.
  38. Look back at photos from the past year.
  39. Write New Year Resolutions (goals).
  40. Create a family time capsule made of drawings and written memories.

What would you add to this list? 


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