10 Ways to Prepare for Christmas Now

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10 ways to prepare for christmas now

Christmas…no matter how far away, it’s always close to our hearts! As soon as one Christmas is over, it’s important to reflect. What went well? What needs to be changed? What would you like to add or take away?

Here are some tips for preparing for Christmas now: 

  1. Buy clearance items  – Everything Christmas is on sale now. Buy your wrapping paper, bows, gift bags, decorations, and gifts at after-clearance prices.
  2. Evaluate this past Christmas – Take a look at this past Christmas. What worked? What didn’t work? What would you do again? What would you give up? Where can you save money? Decide on changes for next year.
  3. Take notes – Write down recipes you liked, things that worked, and things you need to purchase. If you have a Christmas display you really like, take a photograph of it so you can look at it next year. Store the photo on your computer or in a box with the decorations.
  4. Donate or toss out decorations – Do you have things you no longer want or need? Get rid of them now. Donate to charity before the end of the year for a tax donation credit.
  5. Pack and organize decorations – Prepare for next year by packing and organizing similar items together. Label bins and boxes. Use clear stackable bins for small items.
  6. Purchase gifts throughout the year – Buy gifts when you see them, especially if they are well priced. Store all gifts together somewhere so you can find them.
  7. Start DIY projects early – Work on projects and homemade gifts throughout the year.
  8. Create a Pinterest Board – Start a Christmas Pinterest board with decorating ideas, recipes, gift ideas, and DIY projects. Pin anything that catches your eye! Maybe you need a secret Pinterest board!
  9. Make a list and check it twice – Start a running Christmas gift list. Keep it in a handy place (I like to take notes in my phone). Be sure to keep it up-to-date.
  10. Start saving money – Evaluate how much you spent on gifts this year. Did you over spend? Save money each month for gifts! Many banks and credit unions have accounts you can open for occasions like Christmas.

With an early start, you will be sure to feel less stressed next year and more joyful! Prepare all year long for an even better Christmas next year!



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