Mexican Chicken Rice Bowl

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Mexican Chicken Rice Bowl

Chicken rice bowl-001

One of my favorite things to eat at Chili’s is their Fresh Mex Bowls (there are three to choose from). Tonight I assembled a Mexican Chicken Rice Bowl of my own. It was easy to prepare especially since I used my crockpot to cook the chicken.  The fun thing about making a bowl such as this is that you can make it anything you want it to be.

Ingredients in my bowl: 

Cooked shredded  chicken (I cooked my boneless skinless chicken breasts in the crockpot on low)

Spices for chicken (I added some salsa, taco seasoning, Cumin, and fresh cilantro to the crockpot)

Cooked rice

Black beans

Shredded cheese

Chopped green pepper


Fresh Cilantro


Sour Cream

Possible other ingredients: Ground hamburger, steak, pork, fresh tomato, fresh onion, Jalapeno or banana peppers, avocado, lettuce or fresh greens, crispy tortilla strips or chips


  1. Cook chicken or use Rotisserie chicken.
  2. Cook rice (I LOVE my rice cooker).
  3. Cut up any ingredients that need dicing.
  4. Shred or cube chicken.
  5. Add rice to the bottom of your bowl.
  6. Top with other ingredients.

Making these rice bowls was fun. I enjoyed brainstorming ideas for our ingredients, and I look forward to making a variation of this bowl again! Next time I may use taco meat.





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