20 Things Wives Want to Hear From Their Husbands

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20 Things Wives Want to Hear From Their Husbands

20 Things Wives want to hear from their husbands

As you may recall, I wrote a post entitled 10 Things Men Want to Hear From Their Wives. I figured it’s only fair to post about the affirmation that women want from their husbands. We all know that men and women crave different things when it comes to love.  As you will see from my list below, women thrive from hearing words of affirmation – they need to hear that they are loved for what they do and who they are as an individual and in their role as a couple.

20 things wives want to hear from their husbands: 

  1. You are beautiful.
  2. You look amazing.
  3. You have my full attention.
  4. I cherish/admire you.
  5. I’m sorry.
  6. You make me a better man.
  7. Thanks for all you do.
  8. I need you.
  9. I love you more every day.
  10. What a great meal!
  11. I’ll always be faithful to you.
  12. I’m glad I married you.
  13. You are a great mom.
  14. I’ll watch the kids.
  15. Let’s go for a walk/watch a movie/cuddle.
  16. What can I do to help you?
  17. I miss you when we are apart.
  18. I’m sorry you had a difficult/stressful day.
  19. I like spending time with you.
  20. I’m proud to be your husband.

What would you add to this list? Which is most important to you?






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