Raita Savory Yogurt

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Disclosure: I received samples of Raita Yogurt in return for my honest review.


When it comes to yogurt, most people think of a typical sweet yogurt with fruit. Well, recently I had the privilege of sampling three flavors of Indian style yogurt. Raita Savory Yogurt is different because instead of being sweet, it’s full of robust spices, some of which might be considered spicy to some.

Raita is the health-focused and taste-rich yogurt with a distinctively Indian flare. Available in three amazing and delicious specialty flavors, Zesty Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint, Spicy Carrot with Cumin & Coriander and Tasty Tomato with Coriander & Cumin, Raita is unlike any other yogurt on the market. Raita offers fewer than 200 calories per container in a nutritious vegetarian food that’s gluten-free and without any preservatives.

Raita Savory Yogurt

Friday night, I had a jewelry party at my house, so it was the perfect opportunity to introduce my friends to Raita. Unlike yogurt that you eat with a spoon, I consider Raita more of a dip to be used with veggies, crackers, and tortilla chips. So that is exactly what I had along with the three different flavors of Raita. As my friends enjoyed, I asked them to tell me which was their favorite flavor. Their mixed responses told me one thing…all three flavors are delicious!

As for me, I like the Spicy Carrot with Cumin & Coriander the best, with the Zesty Cucumber with Cilantro & Mint in a close second. Both are very flavorful and add a real zing to my fresh veggies. I imagine these would also be very good on sandwiches, meat, and fish.

I hope you’ll support a Michigan-based company by giving Raita Savory Yogurt a try. You can find it in many stores. To find a location near you, look online at Raitayogurt.com.




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