Preparing for Mission Trip Guatemala 2016

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Guat hope of life sign

Many of you know that last September I had the privilege of going on a mission trip to Guatemala. Guatemala is one of the poorest countries in the world with approximately 75% of the people living below the poverty level. For this reason, our church, Connection Church in Canton, adopted a village called El Cruce. During the last 4 years, groups from Connection have traveled to this village to build the people a water well, church, school, school bathrooms, and playground. During this time, the children were also able to take part in VBS and the women were offered devotions.

I traveled with a group of 25 people to Hope of Life International in Zacapa, Guatemala. Hope of Life (HOL) is a Christian organization dedicated to saving the lives of the people of Guatemala. While we were in Guatemala, HOL provided our room, food, and transportation to/from our village of El Cruce, which is about one hour away by bus.  It was during our stay that we built the school bathrooms and playground. We had VBS for the children and devotions for the women. We also provided the people of the village with food, clothing, shoes, and more.

Guatemala team

The next mission trip to Guatemala is September 25 – October 2, 2016. I am planning to go again this year, but it is also my hope that Dave will be able to join our group. Our main task will be to build a cement wall around the village center, which includes the school, bathrooms, playground, and water tower. We will also teach VBS and devotions.

Dave and I are sponsoring an 8-year-old boy from El Cruce. His name is Emanuel. He lives with his mom, dad, 2 younger sisters, and grandparents. I was able to meet Emanuel and his family during my trip to Guatemala. Although we had a language barrier, we were able to communicate through an interpreter. The family was beyond excited to meet me and their love was overwhelming. This year, I will be able to take the family many of the basic things they need, but I will also be able to bless the kids with some small toys and other fun things. I am so looking forward to seeing my Guatemalan family again.

Guat family

There are at least three reasons why I’m sharing this with all of you. First, I want to share my excitement! Second, I’d like you to pray for Dave and I as we prepare for this trip. Lastly, Dave and I are looking for sponsorship. The cost of this trip is $1375 per person plus a few meals during our travel. For both of us to go on this mission, we need approximately $3000. This is a great opportunity for you to bless those in need. If you feel lead to help us make this a reality, please see my Go Fund Me account below.

As I prepare for this trip, I pray for the people of Guatemala. Even though they suffer such widespread poverty, they know nothing but joy. Their joy is contiguous and it’s that feeling that I cannot wait to experience once again. As I’ve said since I returned…I went to bless, but it was ME who was blessed!!



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