Life at 45…Middle Age?

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Life at 45...Middle Age?

Life at 45…Middle Age? It’s hard to believe that in just 12 short days I will hit the age of 45. Will I be considered middle-aged or did I already hit that point? What exactly is middle age? According to the US Census middle age is the time period from 45 to 64, but other online resources differ slightly.

Either way, age is a mindset. Some people feel younger at 45 than they did at 25. Then again some people really start to feel their age with each passing year.

Since I’m approaching the middle age years, I decided to poll my Facebook friends by asking them this question, “In your opinion, what is a sign of middle age?”

Here are their responses:

  1. It’s harder to lose weight!
  2. You start getting grey hairs!
  3. Strangers call you Ma’am instead of Miss.
  4. Date night involves Home Depot.
  5. You stop caring about what others think about the shoes and clothes you wear. Comfort wins!
  6. You start sounding like your parents when you give advice.
  7. You start realizing your parents wanted the best for you.
  8. You go into another room to get something and promptly forget what you were going to get.
  9. You don’t get carded when buying alcohol.
  10. You misplace your keys, phone, and just about everything else.
  11. You need reading glasses.
  12. A clearer vision of faith.
  13. More time to enjoy and pursue the desires of your heart!
  14. When your teenage sons look at you and say, “Well mom you are part of the middle age group now?”
  15. You don’t need to shave your legs every day during the summer to wear shorts.
  16. When you realize that you no longer know or care to know about the latest fashion, music artist or fads.

I hate to say it, but according to these responses I’ve definitely hit middle age (as most of these fit me). How about you? Are you feeling any signs of middle age? If so, what are they?





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