Five Unusual Things I Learned From my Mom

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Mother's Day

In honor of Mother’s Day, here they are…5 unusual things I learned from my mom:


  1. How to be frugal – Being frugal is a way of life for my mom. Cutting coupons and doubling, or even tripling, them was only one way she saved money for our family (those were the days). Yes, it’s a little warm in the house on a summer day, but that electric bill will be lower because of it! Instead of turning up the heat, put on more layers. Lights off when you leave a room. Water off while you soap yourself up in the shower. If there are ways to save, my mom practices them daily!
  2. How to stock up on things – As I said, my mom found the deals! Back in the days when grocery stores offered double or triple coupon days, we would stock up! As a result, we had multiples of everything!
  3. How to shop clearance areas – Mom enjoys shopping the big name stores like Macy’s. BUT, only shop the clearance racks. There were many Saturday mornings that we would spend a good amount of time in the clearance areas at Hudson’s. It was always exciting for us to find those clothing items that were marked down multiple times!
  4. There’s no need to follow recipes (at least “not to a T”) – Mom loves to cook but doesn’t like to use recipes. She’s one of those chefs that throws in a pinch of this and a pinch of that. When she uses a recipe, it’s definitely in her own way. Hence, why she can’t make the same thing twice!!
  5. Always cook enough for a crowd – Growing up there was just the four of us and we rarely had company, still my mom cooked enough food for a crowd. Even today she overcooks for just herself and my dad. It’s a good thing they eat leftovers and have a freezer!

So tell me, is there anything unusual that you learned from your mom?


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