My Top 10 Biggest Fears

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Although I am not a very fearful person, deep down I worry about certain things. I believe fear and worry are a natural part of life. While this is true, those who put their trust in the Lord are usually less fearful because He’s in control of their lives and they know their future is in Heaven. I’m blessed to know this holds true for me. I pray the same goes for you.

I suffer with anxiety, which means that some situations bring me uneasiness and worry. A therapist once told me, “Don’t do anything that makes you uncomfortable or uneasy.” While this is not always possible, it’s good advice. We have to learn to make choices that make us happy and learn to say “no” to those that don’t! For me, I can say “no” to helicopter rides that make me feel nauseous and anxious. Unfortunately, my other fears aren’t as easy…

My top 10 biggest fears:

  1. Losing my parents – My parents are also my friends. Although we don’t live close to each other, we talk daily. They are always there for me and it scares me to imagine life without them.
  2. Losing my dogs – My dogs are my babies. As a childless woman, they are my children.  I fear coping with their deaths.
  3. Not having anyone to take care of me – Because I don’t have children, I worry about who will take care of me as I age. Many people have their children at their side as their health deteriorates. Who will be at my side?
  4. Getting in a serious or fatal car accident – I am anxious in vehicles and I’ve been in a few car accidents. For some reason, I fear I’m going to get into a serious or life-threatening accident some day.
  5. The future of our world – I’m not sure what to say about the future of our world. It scares me! I just don’t understand how people kill others and kill themselves. I also can’t comprehend the future of our government.
  6. Public speaking – I do not like to speak in front of others, especially crowds!
  7. Helicopter rides – We went on a helicopter ride in the mountains and valleys of Hawaii and I was very nauseous the whole time. Therefore, I fear the same would happen if I went again.
  8. Financial stability – As someone who left a career job with retirement benefits, I fear our financial future. Even as I write, I worry about our finances.
  9. Living in a nursing home – Nursing homes are very expensive so I wonder if I’ll be able to afford it (if necessary). Also, I worry about the care given at some homes.
  10. Being alone – The thought of being alone brings me sadness. I pray that I have a few close friends to keep me company.

Although these fears are deep inside me, they aren’t present day-to-day. I can not dwell on the future and the unknown. Instead, I live each day to its fullest and pray about the future.

How about you? What are you biggest fears?


  • A few of these would also make my list . I think most of us are fearful of the same things.

  • Let’s see, losing my parents is a big one. Also, something happening to my girls. I worry about my sister as well.

  • Losing my parents is a huge one on my list because I am an only child. Also, not ever marrying (and losing them) would be a big one because then I really would have no one to take care of me :-/. I do want kids some day but we’ll see if it happens.

  • #7 is a big one for me – related to that is falling out of a Ferris Wheel. Though, my biggest fear of all, is losing one of my children.

  • Annette Robichaud

    I share many of the same fears. The financial one I had a problem with a few years back when we lost our house. God has always provided, though and we have always had a safe, comfortable place to live. My husband tried to get me to go on a helicopter ride when we were in Hawaii, and I said no. I also have a problem with boats. Planes I am pretty good with.

  • I can’t agree with you more when it comes to the fatal car crash fear. For some weird reason it haunts me. For an example, I feel like since I worry so much about it, I’m putting energy towards it happening. I am also fearful of loosing a family member this way also. It’s just a terribly sad and gruesome way to pass.

    Thank you for sharing.

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