Tips for a Successful Back to School Routine

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Tips for a Successful Back to School Routine

I know, it’s only August, but those lovely children of yours will be headed back to school before you know it. Some parents are cheering and others are feeling bummed. Either way, it will be here before you know it. So what are some tips for a successful back-to-school routine and when should you start? Those are both individually based answers, but as a teacher for 15 years, I want to give you some tips for success.

Tips for a successful back to school routine:
  1. Start having your child go to bed early and wake up early. Children should get between 10-12 hours of sleep based on their age, so start the routine of early to bed and early to rise a few weeks before school starts.  
  2. Develop a back-to-school schedule with your child. Will they shower in the am or pm? Will they get their clothes ready the night before or that morning? When will lunches be made and who will have that responsibility?
  3. Start planning a homework schedule. Homework will start soon after school does, so have a plan in place. When should your child complete his/her homework? Right away? After dinner? Tip – Don’t wait until just before bed and don’t wait until the morning it’s due!
  4. Get your child into the routine of eating a good healthy breakfast when he/she wakes up. This will have to be done in a quick and orderly fashion once school starts, so keep that in mind.
  5. Start watching for back-to-school sales on supplies. Soon the sales will begin and there are some good ones! Now is the time to get deals on supplies such as crayons, pencils, erasers, folders, and any other supplies.
  6. Begin a family event calendar. Life is about to get busier. Develop a calendar to keep track of all the family and school events. Organization will help keep you informed. Keep this calendar in a special place along with other special papers from school.
  7. Tour the school. This is important if your child will be going into Kindergarten or will be attending a new school. Meet the principal, secretary, and teacher if possible. Find his/her classroom, the lunchroom, and other important parts of the school.
  8. Update medical records. Be sure your child is up to date with any vaccinations or physicals he/she may need. You might have to check with the school on this one.

Are you ready for back to school? What would you add to this list?


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