5 Halloween Safety Tips and Advice For Your Home

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5 Halloween Safety Tips and Advice For Your Home

5 Halloween Safety Tips and Advice For Your Home

It’s really fun and exciting to decorate the house during Halloween. From traditional pumpkin lanterns up to high-tech decors with special effects, people really love filling their homes with these amazing things.

However, there are times that safety and security are compromised for the sake of perfect Hallows’ Eve. To make sure that your home is totally safe not only for you but also for the tick-or-treaters knocking at your doors, here are few tips and advice that you should follow.

Always keep a light on. Although the darkness can add some creepiness into your home, it’s still advisable that you keep a light on especially at your porch. Also make sure that the pathway or the steps leading to your door is properly illuminated.

Remove any kind of obstruction and obstacles. Don’t put any kind of decorations at the path where visitors will directly walk at. Remove any kind of materials that can likely trip anyone those heading up to your house. Kids usually run up to porches so make sure that the path leading to your door is free from any kind of obstruction and obstacles.

Don’t leave the pumpkin lantern glowing overnight. Avoid potential disaster by blowing out the candle inside your pumpkin lantern before going to bed. Although it’s really amazing to see pumpkin lanterns in the darkness of the night, it’s highly advisable to take the lights out to eliminate fire hazards. Same thing goes with glowing lights, don’t leave them on and attached to electrical outlets overnight.

Look out for your pets. Pets don’t like strangers knocking endlessly at the door. It may agitate them that can lead to panic attacks and nervous breakdown. It’s advisable to put them in a place with minimal disturbance. You can place them in the garage or at the basement where they can peacefully survive the Halloween night.

Watch out for ice. For people living in areas where it snows on Halloween, this is a must-do tip! Look out for ice build up at the pathway, driveway, and sidewalk. Remove the snow and make sure that path leading to your door is free from snow. You can also lay down some salt to prevent kids from sliding and falling while running onto your porch.

Always remember these tips and advice for a safer Halloween celebration. If you have more to add, let us hear your thoughts in the comment section below.

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