Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 Summary

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Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 Summary

Guatemala Mission Trip 2016 Summary

This past week my husband (Dave) and I went to Guatemala for a mission trip. I had the privilege of taking this same trip last year, but this was Dave’s first time. He heard all my stories but experiencing it himself brought it all to life. We are forever changed as a result of this adventure. So without further ado, my mission trip Guatemala highlights:

My sponsored boy and his family received two new concrete homes. Their previous home was made of twigs, mud, and plastic. Seventeen family members were living in their tiny shack. As a result of an anonymous money donation and their involvement in the community, the family was chosen to receive two new concrete homes. During our visit, we were able to paint the inside and outside of their homes and set up bunk beds that were also donated. Words can not express their gratitude and my happiness for them.

Spending time with Emanuel and his family. This year we were able to spend 4 days at the Village of El Cruce, our church sponsored village. During this time, I was able to spend lots of time with Emanuel, his mom, and his two sisters. Although we share a language barrier, we still shared much love through a few words, letters, hugs, kisses, smiles, and more.

The pool party at Hope of Life. Hope of Life International is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving lives and sharing God’s love and the message of the gospel. Our mission trip and sponsorship of El Cruce takes place through Hope of Life. Many of our sponsored children from El Cruce were invited to attend a pool party at Hope of Life. For some of these children, this is their first time in a pool. This year, Dave and I were able to have Emanuel and his two sisters come to the party!

Sharing this experience with Dave and two of my close friends. It was a lot more fun having Dave and my friends, Lesly and Jodi, along this year. All three loved it so much they plan to go back. I also made friends with others who joined us on this trip.

Feeding the needy at the garbage dump. Three times a week, volunteers from Hope of Life head to the local garbage dump to feed the needy. These people once lived at the dump but have since been relocated. Some of these people literally live off the garbage of others. They make a few dollars a day by going through the garbage to find plastic and cardboard that can be recycled.

Watching Emanuel play the part of Jonah. Each year, our volunteer team teaches the gospel to both the women and children of El Cruce. This year, one of the stories we shared was Jonah and the Whale. Emanuel was chosen to play the part of Jonah. He was adorable, even when he was supposed to play the angry parts!

Pastor Rudy’s farewell prayer on the bus. Rudy is the pastor at the church in El Cruce. As we were leaving the village on the last day, he hopped on the bus and prayed with us. It was a prayer of gratitude and it was very touching.

Watching children enjoy the little things in life. The children of El Cruce live without electricity which means no television and other electronic gadgets. Instead, they play outside with things like twigs, marbles, balls, and other small toys that have been donated to them. Something as simple as bubbles brings them so much joy!

Hearing some of the children speak English. The older school children are starting to learn some English. Emanuel’s sister can count to ten in English and she knows the days of the week. Our goal before next year…she learns English and I learn Spanish!

The food at Hope of Life. They provide us with some really delicious food at Hope of Life. Even though they seem to be becoming more Americanized, the food was still yummy. My favorite food night is definitely Fiesta Night! Love me some Guatemalan food!

I want to thank each one of you that supported our mission trip in some way. Whether it be through thoughts and prayers, financial support, or donations of goods and supplies. This trip was made possible by those things and the grace of God. Until next year!



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