9 Home Security Tips That Everyone Must Know About

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9 home security tips everyone must know about

9 Home Security Tips That Everyone Must Know About

According to statistics, burglary happens every 15 seconds in the United States. That is around 240 per hour and around 5000 plus per day. The numbers are quite scary considering that any moment now or as you read this article, burglary is taking place.

Protecting your home against thieves and evil doers takes more than locking up your doors and windows. Burglars are now becoming more sophisticated on how they can enter a property without being seen or detected. But this doesn’t mean that you can’t avoid this kind of incident. Below are some tips and advice that home security experts highly recommend.

Always lock your doors and windows

If you are alone and you are planning to take a shower, a nap at your bedroom or work some tasks at your home office, make sure that your doors and windows are all locked up. Same thing goes when you are going out even for just a few minutes to buy something at the corner store. Even though it’s the middle of the day and the sun is shining at its brightest, you and your property are not safe. Records show that majority of home burglaries take place during daylight hours – between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Install a reliable security alarm system.

If you think that a quality security system is expensive, read these numbers – $2,251 and $3.9 billion. These numbers represent the amount of money or valuables that are lost from burglary. The average loss per burglary is 2251 dollars and a total of $3.9 billion in a year alone. Investing in a reliable security alarm system can definitely give you peace of mind and could save you a lot of money in the long run.

Use peepholes and chain locks.

A very cost-effective way of upping your home security and safety is by using peepholes or chain locks. This could be very helpful if you are living alone as you can talk to someone knocking at your door without giving them a clear view inside your home. This alone can effectively prevent burglary and home invasions.

Change locks and keys as soon as you move in.

After moving into a new home or apartment unit, replace all locks or have them rekeyed. This includes doors, windows and other access areas where locks are present. This can also be helpful if you gave keys to the contractor that previously worked on your property before you moved in. This can give you an assurance that only you and your family members can open up your house.

Always make your house look that the owners are inside.

An empty house is an easy target for thieves and burglars. To avoid becoming an easy target, make sure that your house always looks occupied. Install light timers and radios that are set to play every night. You can also ask someone (your neighbors) to collect your mail at your letter box to stop them from building up (giving the impression that you are collecting them daily). Hiring someone you trust to mow your lawn daily or visit your home every once in a while can also give the idea that your house is always occupied.

Don’t leave any spare keys

Don’t ever leave your spare keys at usual hiding spots – under a pot, mat or rock. Authorities highly suggest using a combination padlock outside to secure your house.

Install motion sensors and detection system.

Aside from the security alarm system, installing motion sensor lights can also deter potential burglars from entering your house. You can strategically place them outside your house so that whenever someone walks into your lawn or backyard, they can easily be seen with the help of motion triggered lights.

Don’t provide thieves places to hide.

Trim down the trees and overgrown bushes that can give a potential burglar a perfect hiding spot. Clear away any blind spot or areas that are not 100 percent visible from the people inside the house. Always keep some lights on outside your house, most specially at the corners and places that can be ideal hiding spots.

Ask for help from your local police department.

Visit your local police department and ask them if they can come and inspect your home. The local police can effectively provide tips and suggestions on how you can improve your home security based on their inspection. You can also ask them about past cases of break-ins and home invasion trends in your area.

Following these security tips and safety advice can surely give you peace of mind. They can effectively stop and deter home invasions, thieves, and burglars.

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