20 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

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20 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar

Recently I was given the opportunity to try Swanson Organic Apple Cider Vinegar with Mother. My first thought was…what is “with Mother”. To find out, I visited the website of Swanson Health Products. “The Mother” is a natural complex of friendly bacteria, proteins, enzymes, and fiber. It gives the vinegar a cloudy appearance, but that’s good—filtered, refined versions of apple cider vinegar that don’t contain the mother aren’t as beneficial. So in other terms, “with Mother” means it’s better for you!

My next thought was…what do I do with this apple cider vinegar (ACV)? I began searching the internet for recipes to make using ACV. I decided on a marinade for chicken. AVC is known to add a tang or zing to sauces, marinades, dressings, and more. AVC is gaining popularity for many other cooking uses and health issues.

Apple Cider Vinegar dates back to the ancient times when it was used for medicinal purposes. In fact, the father of modern medicine, Hippocrates, used ACV for a multiple of things. Today, people are finding more and more ways to incorporate apple cider vinegar into their daily lives. As I searched the internet, I discovered many uses for ACV. Here is 20 uses for apple cider vinegar.

20 Uses for Apple Cider Vinegar:

Health Uses: 

  1. Digestive aid – Add some ACV to water or juice to help settle the stomach.
  2. Hair Rinse – ACV can be used weekly to remove product build-up and balance your scalp’s pH level. Fill an old shampoo bottle with a 1/2 tablespoon of ACV and 1 cup of cold water. After shampooing, pour the solution through your hair.
  3. Whiten teeth – Use your finger to rub ACV directly on your teeth. Then rinse your mouth with water.
  4. Eliminate bad breath – Mix 1 teaspoon and one cup warm water. Gargle with the mixture for a few minutes. Spit out mixture when finishing gargling.
  5. Foot odor – Simply rub some ACV on your feet or soak your feet in a mixture of one part ACV and two parts water.
  6. Household cleaner – Mix 50% ACV and 50% water to clean naturally.
  7. Facial toner – Mix one part ACV to 3-4 parts water. Apply to skin with a cotton pad, let it sit for about 10 minutes, then rinse.
  8. Healthy mouth and throat – Mix 1/4 cup ACV with 1/4 cup of warm water and gargle.
  9. Hiccups – Drink one teaspoon of ACV.
  10. Fat burning – Add 1-2 teaspoons to your water to decrease appetite and enhance fat burning while exercising.

Cooking Uses: 

  1. Salad dressings – Add to salad dressings in place of regular vinegar.
  2. Marinades – Use it in place of wine or balsamic vinegar.
  3. Buttermilk substitute – Add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to 1 cup of non-dairy/evaporated milk. Let the mixture stand for 10 minutes or until thick.
  4. Hard boiled eggs – Add 1 or 2 tablespoons of vinegar to the cooking water to prevent the egg white from leaking out of any shell cracks.
  5. Clean fruits and veggies – Soak them in a solution of 2 tablespoons vinegar and one gallon of water.
  6. Add to greens – Take the bitterness out of greens such as kale, chard, spinach, and collard greens. Add a few splashes to your water when cooking or to the pan after sauteing.
  7. Sauces – ACV can be added to sauces to add a tangy flavor.  Add it to tomato sauces to give them a fuller flavor.
  8. Soups – Adding vinegar to soup can help bring its flavors to life.
  9. Pasta – Add 1 tablespoon of vinegar to the cooking water to prevent sticking and reduce salt intake.
  10. Rice – Add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to the cooking water for fluffier rice.

To find out more about Swanson Organic Apple Cider Vinegar and Swanson’s other products, please visit their website.



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