Expert Tips and Advice to Winter-Proof Your House Efficiently

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Expert Tips and Advice to Winter-Proof Your House Efficiently

Expert Tips and Advice to Winter-Proof Your House Efficiently

Winter is almost here. The cold air is already blowing and the snowflakes have started falling. For many, it’s a sign that the holiday season has started but for some, it’s the time of the year when their energy bills start to increase.

Winter proofing your home can help you save great amount of money. It can help keep the energy consumption low and aside from that also protect your home from severe damage due to harsh weather conditions.  Below are some tips and advice for winter proofing your home.


Check and repair your roof if needed.

Inspect your roof for possible weak spots, damage and leaks. If you have the budget, call for professional help so it can be checked and repaired thoroughly. Always remember that even the tiniest crack or hole can create chaos so make sure that your roof is inspected (and repaired if needed).

Inspect and clean the gutters.

Remove all the debris stuck in the gutters. Make sure that they are clear of leaves or any other foreign objects.  Check for weak spots and problem areas and repair them as needed.

Check and repair your bricks if needed.

Inspect your walls for possible cracks and holes. Make sure that  water isn’t able to seep through it. Water can cause great damage during winter season. Fill and seal the cracks to keep the cold air out while effectively keeping the warm temperature in.

REMINDER: Make sure that the exterior part of your house is free from any cracks, holes and gaps. Aside from preventing the cold weather from coming in, you can also prevent insects and bugs from getting inside your house.  Use waterproof filler and sealant to quickly and effectively seal any openings.


Insulate all doors and windows properly.

Check and make sure that doors and windows are properly sealed and insulated. Check the weather-stripping for cracks and tears. If the damage is  severe, you might consider replacing it. Fill the gaps, holes, and cracks with caulk or other waterproof sealant to effectively block the cold air from coming in thus lowering your heating bill.

Clean and clear your chimney.

Make sure that your chimney is clean and clear from any kind of debris that can cause fire and health hazard.  If you don’t plan to use your chimney, make sure that it’s properly sealed to keep the heat from escaping your house.

Hire an expert to check and clean your heating system.

It’s highly recommended that you hire an expert to inspect, check, and thoroughly clean your heater. The vents must be inspected and cleaned as well. This will give you the assurance that your heating system will work properly and efficiently throughout the winter season, thus keeping your energy consumption as low as possible.

Add extra insulation.

Consider adding an extra layer of insulation at your basement and attic. This can effectively keep the heat inside your house while blocking the cold temperature.  Make sure that you thoroughly check these areas for possible cracks, holes and openings.

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