Christmas Music and Baking Tips

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Christmas Music and Baking Tips

One of my favorite activities before the holidays is baking while listening to Christmas music. Both bring me joy, contentment, and relaxation. If I want to start getting into the holiday spirit this is my fix. So tonight I turned on the music and began baking chocolate oatmeal cookies. For some reason, I’ve been craving them. Unfortunately, the batter wasn’t as good as regular chocolate chip cookies. The cookie batter is my favorite part. What about you? Do you eat the batter?

Anyways, I’ve learned some tips over my years of baking. I don’t know where Parchment paper has been all my life, but man is it a bakers dream. Just cover your baking pan with it and use the same piece the whole time baking. The cookies cook perfectly, come off the pan easily, and the baking pan needs little if any cleaning! I am literally going to put the pan right back in my oven drawer (no clean up). Did you know you can buy Parchment Paper on Amazon? The last roll I purchased came from Amazon. Below is the brand I bought and I’m very pleased with it. The box is very sturdy and it contains a sharp cutter for even tearing.

Christmas music and Baking tips, holiday baking, Christmas cookies, baking for the holidays

One of the other things I’ve learned over the years is the importance of cooling racks. I like having two just in case I need them. Amazon has a “best-seller” two pack for an affordable price. The ratings are really high – 4.5 stars by over 1,400 raters.

Lastly, after many accidents, I learned the importance of oven gloves. I have the Ove Gloves and love them, but there are many other heat-resistant gloves. No more burns during baking for me! If you have the tendency to get burnt, I highly recommend a heat-resistant glove.

Christmas Music 

This post is entitled Christmas Music and Baking Tips, so I better introduce you to some of my favorite Christmas music. For the holidays, I enjoy instrumental music such as Pentatonix and Mannheim Steamroller. In fact, while searching Amazon, I discovered that Mannheim Steamroller has a Christmas 25th Anniversary CD.  I may have to add this to my Christmas list. Topping my list is also a wide variety of Christian Christmas music. Some of the top sellers for this genre can be found on Amazon too.

How about you? What gets you into the spirit of the holidays? Or do you have any baking tips?


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