Outdoor Winter Activities Preschoolers

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Outdoor Winter Activities Preschoolers

Outdoor Winter Activities Preschoolers

Winter can seem so long, especially if you have a preschooler. Children this age can be so busy and most also love the snow! If you have a little one, take a look at these outdoor winter activities preschoolers (which could also be used with older children).

Snow paint

Add a few drops of food coloring to a spray bottle full of water. Then take your child outside to paint the snowy yard.

Tic Tac Toe in the Snow

Make a large tic tac toe board in the snow by running a stick in the snow or make a board with twigs. Use crisscrossed twigs and pinecones (or leaves) as game pieces.

Play Hot Potato

Make a small snowball and have the children stand in a circle to pass the snowball. Use your phone or another source for music. Stop the music to see who is “stuck” with the hot potato (snowball) **Be sure children have mittens or gloves on!

Use beach toys

Get out the beach shovels, buckets, and other beach toys

Draw in the snow

Use a stick or twig to practice writing letters, numbers, names, shapes, and objects in the snow.

Pin the nose on the snowman

Build a snowman, but leave the nose off (carrot, twig). Take turns blindfolding each child then have them try to put the nose on his face.

Observe snowflakes

Take a magnify glass and piece of black paper outside to look at snowflakes up close.


Take construction trucks and other cars outside. Kids can transport snow, twigs, pinecones, and more in the vehicles.

Other ideas –

  • go sledding
  • go ice skating
  • make snow angels
  • shovel paths in the snow






  • Liz

    Sounds like some good activities for kids, thanks for this list.

  • Even though I’ve lived in Michigan my whole life, I am just not a fan of being outside in the snow. I love to look at it from the inside, but I dred it every year now. I do remember playing in it as a kid, but I guess I lost that as I grew older.

  • aejlsmith

    The snow was so much “cooler” (Lol!) when I was a kid. I wish I would’ve heard of that snow paint idea before; that sounds super fun! I remember going outside and making snowmen with my neighbor, as long as building igloos and sledding down my hill. I loved getting super cold and then coming inside for a hot chocolate. 🙂

  • We have a huge compost pile at Matt’s work that makes a great snow hill. I’m not a cold fan.

  • My favorite is sending my preschooler outside with his older sister while I’m warm and quiet inside. LOL And thanks for the reminder on the snow paint. They got some in their stockings and I forgot to send it out with them today.

  • Playgrounds can still be fun in the snow! Either a well-visited playground where the snow’s been trampled, or a fresh playground where you can slide right into a pile of snow. I never really thought of it until my daughter went to preschool and they still used the school playground in the snow.

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