Anything Keeper Organizer

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Anything Keeper Organizer

Disclosure: I was given this product in return for my honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Anything Keeper Organizer

Recently I was given the opportunity to try an Anything Keeper Organizer. From the designer of the Coffee Keeper, the Anything Keeper helps keep your house organized by allowing you to store things and keep them out-of-the-way and out-of-sight! Perfect for your kitchen, office, bathroom, or recreational vehicle, the Anything Keeper allows you to store all your small necessities, while keeping your countertops free of clutter! 

What makes Anything Keeper even more amazing, is its easy installation. In just four easy steps, the keeper is ready to use!

Four Steps to Installation: 

1. Clean the desired location and make sure it’s completely dry. 

2. Peel and remove the permanent commercial grade adhesive covers from the adhesive tape. 

3. Align the front of your Anything Keeper near the front edge of your surface. Apply adhesive holding product firmly for about 60 seconds. 

4. Allow to fully set for 24-hours before adding items with weight to your Anything Keeper. 

Anything Keeper Uses:

The Anything Keeper can be used to store ANYTHING small enough to fit inside it. The uses are endless! Store your keys, wallet, medications, makeup, nail polish, pens, paper, and more! The Anything Keeper even has a small opening in the back so that you can run charging cables through it to charge your cellphone or iPad. 

Simplify and Declutter: 

Once closed, the Anything Keeper and the items inside are hidden out of sight until needed. Keep your countertops neat and organized with this high-quality sleek designed organizer! 

Purchase Item: 

To find out more about the Anything Keeper and it’s sister product, the Coffee Keeper, please visit Both the Anything Keeper and Coffee Keeper can be purchased from Amazon

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