7 Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Season

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7 Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Season

7 Effective Tips to Keep Your Home Cool This Summer Season

Summertime is already here so it’s time to discover 7 effective tips to keep your home cool this summer season. While it’s a perfect season to explore and enjoy the outdoors, it’s also the time of the year when we need to cool down our home for our own comfort. Aside from using your ever reliable air-conditioning unit, the following tips and advice can certainly help keep your home cool this summer season.

Turn off the lights

Lights are one of the biggest contributors of heat at home. So consider turning them off for few hours or use a dimmer switch so you can dim them a bit when in use. You can also replace your lighting fixtures with the ones with lower wattage as they generate less heat.

Maintain good humidity level

To make your home feel cooler, you must maintain a good humidity level inside your house. This can also prevent mold and mildew growth during hot summer times. A dehumidifier can certainly help you out.

Keep your house well ventilated

During the day and when the weather is not that extreme, open up your windows and let your cooling fan work. This can bring cool air in while flushing the hot air out. This can help you save money by giving your air conditioning unit some rest.

Cool the place or room you use the most

Why spend money maintaining a cool temperature at rooms you don’t use? Instead of using a centralized air-conditioner, consider using a portable one that you can use in whatever room you are in. This is a very convenient and inexpensive way of cooling down inside your home this summer season.

Clean or replace air filters

Check your air filter and see if it needs to be cleaned. If it’s too filthy, then consider replacing it with a brand new one. Remember, air filters are a vital component of your home’s cooling system so always check and inspect them.

Cook outside your house

Summer means more time outdoors right? So why not take your cooking activity outside from time to time. Summer is perfect for grilling outside instead of cooking inside.

Add some shades of green

Indoor plants and flowers are perfect accessories for your home this summer. Aside from giving it a cool summer look, plants and flowers can also help freshen up the air inside your home.

With these 7 effective tips to keep your home cool this summer season, keeping both your home and yourself cool shouldn’t be a problem. Have fun and enjoy your summer vacation!

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