Spreading Love with the Painted Rock Movement

Spread the love

Spreading Love with the Painted Rock Movement

Spreading Love with the Painted Rock Movement

When I set out with three friends for “Girl’s Weekend”, I had no idea that I would fall in love with the new trend sweeping across the nation. Spreading love with painted rocks is a simple idea with many benefits. It’s inspired by the idea of spreading kindness, joy, inspiration and encouragement, while showing creativity and spending time outdoors. 

People of all ages are finding themselves inspired by the idea of both spreading joy and finding it. Friends and families are gathering together to create these pieces of art, then heading out to spread (and find) the love in local parks, playgrounds, trails, walkways, store fronts, and more!  

Facebook Connection 

Facebook groups have been developed to allow community members to share their creations and finds. Members of these groups also enjoy giving clues to hidden rocks. To find a Facebook group near you, search Facebook with the name of your community followed by the word “rocks”. Join a local group to share your creation and your finds. 

Some Local Michigan Groups

Spreading the Love is a Simple Process 

  1. Gather a few supplies (paintable rocks, acrylic paints and paint brushes or paint pens, and sealer)
  2. Decorate your rock — get as creative as you like. Add an inspirational quote or phrase to encourage others.  
  3. Spray your rock with a sealer.  
  4. Write instructions on the bottom of the rock that tell the finder which Facebook group to post a photo to once it’s found.
  5. Hide your rock in an outdoor public place.
  6. Post a photo of your rock on your chosen Facebook page after it’s hidden. If you choose, give clues to its location. 

Ideas for Success 

  • Be creative! 
  • Add an inspirational quote or phrase.
  • Join friends or family members in the movement. 
  • Spray your rocks with a sealer to protect it. 
  • Search Pinterest for ideas. 
  • Be respectful of the environments in which you are hiding and finding rocks. 
  • Hide rocks in public areas (not private properties) 
  • Create a Facebook group if there isn’t one for your community.
  • Organize a rock painting party with friends, family members, or people in your community. 
  • Have fun!!! 

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