9 Excellent Tips for New Homeowners and First-Time Home Buyers

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9 Excellent Tips for New Homeowners and First-Time Home Buyers

9 Excellent Tips for New Homeowners and First-Time Home Buyers

If you are a new homeowner or a first time home buyer, the following tips and advice can surely help you. These tips can save you a lot of stress, unnecessary expenses, and headache that may come when buying and owning a house for the first time. Check them out and see how helpful they can be in your home-owning journey.

Scout the neighborhood

Check the neighborhood during the weekends and weekdays. It’s also highly advisable to check the place in daytime and nighttime. This will give you an idea on how life would be in the place and if it’s completely sound and safe.

Know the crime rate

While you are scouting the neighborhood, consider checking out the local police station and ask for the crime rate. You wouldn’t want to live in an area where theft and burglary is quite rampant.

Don’t make big changes

Live in your home for at least 6 months or so before doing some renovation projects. During this period, you can get to know your home’s condition and the kind of materials that are used in your flooring, ceiling and walls.

Do one project at a time

Don’t renovate your home all at once. Start with simple and small projects like renovating your bathroom before jumping into the second one.

Create a homeowner’s journal

Buy a folder, a ring binder or any kind of storage box that can handle your house’s paperwork, receipts etc. Store your home’s info in this area so you can easily get them all out when needed.


As a new homeowner, you might want to try some home repair or improvement projects personally. This way, you’ll learn some handyman skills that you might need in the future. Don’t be afraid to DIY as long as the risk is not that huge. Aside from saving a good amount of money (by not hiring the pros), you will also learn something new.

Finish the projects

Don’t leave any home projects hanging or unfinished. Finish them all at once and if you can’t for some reasons, call a professional help.

Set a budget for repair and maintenance

If you buy a pretty old home, chances are there are things that need repair or replacement in the future. Make sure you have the budget for it.

Get a warranty

Always get a warranty for the newly bought home. This can save you a lot of money in the future.

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  • I like that you mention to check out the neighborhood at different times of the day to see what it’s like. It can be stressful buying a home for the first time, but it’s worth the effort. You need to be sure that you feel comfortable with your choice after putting in your research or different homes in your desired area.

  • It was really nice how you pointed out that when it comes to choosing a new neighborhood, we should go to the local police station and ask them about the crime rate. I will be sure to take that in mind. We are planning to move to a new neighborhood after finding that more than a few of our neighbors have been robbed. Your suggestion makes a lot of sense considering the fact that the reason why my family was leaving because of safety concerns. Thanks!

  • I appreciate what you said about waiting at least 6 months before doing any renovations. We have been looking at a few fixer uppers for our next home, but we haven’t really made any decisions about what house we would like. I think that this will definitely make the decision easier, since it would be difficult to live in a few of the places we’ve looked at for six months before having to tackle a project.

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