10 Reasons You Should Become a SHIPT Shopper

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10 Reasons You Should Become a Shipt Shopper


Joining Shipt: 

What is a Shipt Shopper? Shipt Shoppers are independent contractors who are hired by Shipt to shop specific stores and delivery groceries to their members.  

How do I become a Shipt Shopper? An application, short online interview, and background check is all it takes to become a Shipt shopper! To begin the process, visit the Shipt website and fill out the application. Please be sure to include my referral code (RachelLovesShipt) on your application as they have a referral bonus program. 

Why Should I Become a Shipt Shopper? Check out my top 10 reasons you should become a Shipt Shopper.  


10 Reasons You Should Become a SHIPT Shopper:

  1. Be Your Own Boss! Shipt shopping allows you to be your own boss! You decide when you want to shop and you work as much or as little as you’d like. Take the day off or even the week off without answering to someone. 
  2. Set Your Own Schedule! Shipt Shoppers make their own schedules! With some stores open 24 hours, shopping for Shipt allows you complete flexibility 7 days a week! 
  3. Break Away from the Ordinary Job. Shopping for Shipt is an extraordinary job! It takes you away from the “work” setting, allows complete flexibility in scheduling, and it can be unpredictable and exciting! If you are looking for a job that allows you to break away from ordinary, this job maybe for you! 
  4. Get Paid to Exercise. Shipt shoppers exercise on a regular basis by walking, bending, lifting, pushing a cart, and carrying bags (usually as many as possible). Many Shipt shoppers say they lose weight, especially at the beginning.  
  5. Help Others. Shipt shoppers help others! Whether it be an elderly person, a woman who just had a baby, someone recovering from surgery, or busy parents looking for more time with their family.   
  6. A Chance to Meet New People. Most Shipt shoppers are very social (or at least should be). Shipt shopping allows you to meet other Shipt shoppers, employees at the stores, and members during deliveries.
  7. Become a Better Shopper. Shopping is an art form! It is something that take practice, skill, and knowledge. Shipt shoppers become expert shoppers! They learn their stores, the products, the secrets to quick shopping, and much more as they complete shops. 
  8. It Pays. When it comes to pay, Shipt shoppers can make good money!! I will be honest, I like to compare Shipt shopping to waitressing. The pay is pretty good, but Shipt shoppers rely on their tips! Total pay for a shop depends on the receipt total, the amount of time taken to complete the shop, and the tip. Money can also be made from frequent Shipt offered bonuses, promos, and other incentives.  
  9. It’s Fun! Being a Shipt shopper can be a lot of fun! Setting your own schedule, being your own boss, meeting new people, and driving around while listening to music makes the job fun! 
  10. Free Membership. All Shipt shoppers receive a free Shipt membership. That’s right, even Shipt shoppers enjoy the occasional delivery. 

So what do you think? Would you enjoy the benefits of shopping for Shipt? If so, take a few minutes to complete the short application and remember to use my code (RachelLovesShipt). If you have additional questions, please comment below. You can also visit the SHIPT website for more information.  

About Me: 

I’ve been shopping for SHIPT since September 2017. I’ve completed 145 shops so far and I love the job for all the reasons listed above. After teaching grades K-3 in the public sector, I was ready for change! Shipt has provided me exactly what I need at this time of my life. Thanks, Shipt! 

10 Reasons You Should Become a SHIPT Shopper 


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