Entertainment Ideas for Children “Stuck” at Home

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Entertainment Ideas for Children "Stuck" at Home

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Our world is facing an epidemic right now. The Coronavirus has many panicking and schools in Michigan (and other states) are closing for three-four weeks to help stop the spread of the virus. We’ve been asked to avoid events or activities with large groups of people and to stay home as much as possible. So the question is…what do we do while being cooped up at home? This is especially true for those children who will be home for weeks! With that in mind, I’ve been thinking about entertainment ideas for those “stuck” at home. Click on the activity titles for Amazon links.

Entertainment ideas for children “stuck” at home: 


  1. Complete jigsaw puzzles
  2. Build with Legos
  3. Watch movies
  4. Color 
  5. Cook or bake together
  6. Get crafty
  7. Play board games and cards
  8. Have an indoor picnic
  9. Have a costume party or play dress up
  10. Facetime or Marco Polo with friends
  11. Have a dance party
  12. Build a fort
  13. Make playdough or slime
  14. Create instruments with household items
  15. Have a puppet show – you can make puppets with paper bags or socks
  16. Have an indoor campout – sleeping bags, tent or fort, smores
  17. Exercise
  18. Plant seedlings
  19. Have a sing-a-long or Karaoke
  20. Have a tea party

What ideas do you have for the next few weeks while your kids are home? Let me know in the comments.



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