5 Ways to Save Money during the Coronavirus Quarantine

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As the Coronavirus hits nationwide, many families are finding themselves in a panic about their finances. With businesses and restaurants closing to help prevent the spread, many people are without income. It is a realistic concern…luckily there are some simple things you can do to save money during this time. Below are 5 easy ways to save money during the quarantine.

  1. Eliminate cable – If you haven’t already, cut your cable bill by switching to a streaming service. You can add a few streaming services and still save money! Also those with Verizon receive a free year of Disney Plus and those with Sprint can get free Hulu.
  2. Eat at home – Many states are starting to close restaurants to dine-in customers. Carry out and delivery are still available, but dine-in is prohibited at this time in states such as Michigan, Ohio, and Illinois. You can save a lot of money by cooking at home. Involve your children and teach them some basic cooking skills during this time. Have picnic lunches or dinner by candlelight. Make eating at home fun!
  3. Save on gasoline – As you hibernate at home, you will find yourself saving on gas expenses. If you go out, try to keep travel to a minimum.
  4. Order from Amazon – Amazon is offering some really good deals on everyday essentials. Join my Amazon groups where I post daily deals. I have one dedicated to clothing and one dedicated to all other products.
  5. Review your monthly spending – What are some things you can give up? Skip Starbucks, pack a lunch, cancel unnecessary subscriptions…Think about those things you can live without!

What ideas to you have for saving money at this time? Please leave a comment below. I hope we are all able to stay healthy, remain calm, and save money during this time!


  • Liz

    Work is only a 5-minute drive for me, but technically I’ll be saving gas since I can work from home. Good idea about the cable, streaming services have more options anyways. I still have Comcast but I pay like $105/month for ten channels and internet … not the best deal.

  • Great ideas! I’d also recommend writing down anything you sign up for while at home for a while, that you may want to cancel once we’re away from home more again. My son signed up for the free 30-days on an educational site, and I want to cancel it before they bill me 🙂

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