101 Things to do with Kids during the Coronavirus Quarantine

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101 Things to do with Kids during the Coronavirus Quarantine


We are facing one of the most unexpected and unpredictable times in our country. We’ve been asked to stay home (quarantine) as much as possible and kids are home from school for 3-4 weeks (as of right now). During this time, we will need to keep the kids busy! To help with this, I’ve developed a list of 101 things to do at home or outside. I hope you find some of these ideas beneficial and I hope you all stay well during this time!

101 Things to do with Kids during the Coronavirus Quarantine
  1. Develop a schedule
  2. Keep to the schedule (as best as possible)
  3. Take naps
  4. Exercise daily
  5. Cook together
  6. Bake cookies, cupcakes, etc.
  7. Make a pizza
  8. Complete daily chores
  9. Do spring cleaning
  10. Organize areas of the house
  11. Make a pile of things to donate
  12. Design a learning space
  13. Read daily
  14. Write poetry or stories
  15. Keep a daily journal
  16. Maintain math facts by practicing
  17. Practice sight words or spelling words
  18. Develop printing or cursive
  19. Use fine and large motor skills daily
  20. Work on coin identification and values
  21. Play store with household items and real coins
  22. Work on sorting objects
  23. Create an animal fact sheet
  24. Play hangman
  25. Do word searches or crossword puzzles
  26. Play tic-tac-toe
  27. Learn basics of a new language with Duolingo (an app)
  28. Make a list of things for which you are grateful
  29. Create a vision board or bucket list
  30. Make a fort – Use cardboard boxes, blankets, sheets, etc.
  31. Set up a treasure hunt
  32. Play dress-up
  33. Have a fashion show
  34. Dramatic play – superheros, prince/princesses
  35. Sing karaoke
  36. Make instruments with household items
  37. Practice instruments
  38. Learn to juggle
  39. Have an indoor picnic
  40. Eat by candlelight
  41. Have a tea party
  42. Listen to music
  43. Create a music playlist
  44. Have a dance party
  45. Play dance freeze – play music then stop it frequently (everyone freezes until the music starts again)
  46. Play video games
  47. Have a spa day -mani/pedi, face masks, soak feet, take a bath, put on makeup, massages
  48. Paint with shaving cream in the bathtub/shower
  49. Facetime with friends or family
  50. Marco Polo with friends or family
  51. Play games
  52. Play cards
  53. Complete jigsaw puzzles
  54. Color
  55. Draw
  56. Make a self-portrait
  57. Paint rocks
  58. Paint on paper
  59. Make slime or playdough
  60. Play with playdough
  61. Make a collage out of books, magazine, catalogs, recycled paper items, etc.
  62. Dye Easter Eggs
  63. Have a Easter Egg hunt
  64. Make paper airplanes
  65. Learn to make origami
  66. Build with Legos
  67. Plan a summer vacation including all the details, cost, etc.
  68. Play hide and seek
  69. Play flashlight tag at night
  70. Play “I Spy”
  71. Plant seeds
  72. Use balloons to play “Don’t touch the floor”
  73. Watch movies
  74. Watch television
  75. Make videos to share on Facebook – music, news, daily weather, etc.
Online Resources  
  1. Watch the Cincinnati Zoo livestream – The zoo will have daily live-streaming of animals on their Facebook at 3PM
  2. Visit the Detroit Zoo Facebook page for daily livestreams and photos of the animals
  3. Watch the puppy play room at Warrior Canine Connection – live stream of puppies playing
  4. Take part in the daily Frederik Meijer Gardens virtual visits (10 am and 2 pm)
  5. Watch Bill Nye the Science Guy
  6. Watch the beluga whale webcam at the Georgia Aquarium
  7. Explore Mars with a 360° camera
  8. Take a farm tour at FarmFood 360°
  9. Watch the Sea Otter Live Cam at the Monterey Bay Aquarium
  10. Use the Smithsonian Glider Guide to take a virtual tour of the world
Outdoor Activities
  1. Take walks
  2. Ride bikes
  3. Birdwatch
  4. Use sidewalk chalk
  5. Play hopscotch
  6. Fly a kite
  7. Blow bubbles
  8. Have a backyard campfire
  9. Make Smores
  10. Wash the car
  11. Clean up the leaves and twigs
  12. Go to a local park
  13. Go for a hike
  14. Jump rope
  15. Have a backyard picnic
  16. Picnic at a local park


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