Best Pizza Places Around Michigan

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Best Pizza Places Around Michigan

It’s a fact that I love to travel and I love to try new restaurants. Before I decide on a restaurant I search both Yelp and Google for those with spactualar ratings (4-5 stars). And my search tends to lead to either Mexican food or pizza! I consider myself a connoisseur of both types of food and it’s not easy to please me.

In my opinion, the ideal pizza has a crust that is crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with some “poofy” areas (or bubbles). In fact, the last place I had pizza fit my idea of a perfect crust plus it was heaped with toppings! Two weeks later, I’m still dreaming of this piece of heaven!

I’ll tell you about this restaurant and a few of my other favorites below. Please share your favorite with me as I’m always searching for new places to try!

Best Pizza Places Around Michigan

Applegate Inn (Applegate) – Located in a tiny villlage called Applegate in Sanilac County, this restaurant is a hidden gem! It is a family run business that offers burgers, chicken dinners, and their speciality…pizza!!! Although they offer tradional and deep dish, I highly recommend the deep! Their crust had all those qualities I listed above – crispy on the outside and soft on the inside with a few bubbles. On top of the perfect crust sat a delcious sauce, cheese, and a generous portion of toppings. They offer speciality pizzas or choose your toppings. During our recent visit, hubby and I choose the deal where we could pick 3-5 toppings of our choice. When in the area again, we will be back, but we will skip the mushrooms as they were canned rather than fresh. If you are in the area, take the country road to Applegate. I think you’ll find the trip worth it!


Klavon’s Pizzeria & Pub (Jackson) – Klavon’s has two locations in Michigan – Jackson and Mason. Hubby and I visited the Jackson location in November 2018 but we still talk about their pizza. Of the four styles they offer – stuffed, Detroit-style, classic American, and Calzone – we choose a stuffed with 5 favorite toppings. A stuffed pizza combines one full pound of mozzarella with your favorite toppings stuffed between layers of fresh made dough, then topped with steaming hot sauce. A stuffed pizza comes in one size and it costs $25-29 but the pieces are so filling that it could feed 4-6 people. The two of us ate on our pizza twice. The picture above is our pizza from Klavon’s. 


DeLuca’s Restaurant (Lansing) – DeLuca’s is a family owned restaurant that has been in business for 60 years!! Known for its Italian food, DeLuca’s has won numerous awards as the best of Lansing. With both speciality pizzas or pick your own toppings, DeLuca’s is a favorite for locals and visitors of Lansing.


Water Tower Sports Pub (Lexington)– My friend has a cottage in Lexington, so I’ve been to Water Tower (WTSP) a few times. Every time I’ve had either pizza or their cheesy garlic bread sticks (which can be a meal in itself). WTSP has won two Michigan awards for their pizza which comes in deep dish or hand tossed. I’ve had both and the deep dish is definitely the better of the two! The square pizza is extra thick, very crispy on the bottom and topped with sauce. Pick a speciality pizza or top your own! If you are on the east side of the state, WTSP is located off the main road and worth the stop!


Mother’s Pizzeria (Plymouth) Mother’s Pizzeria was opened in 2001 by the current owner. Offering pizza, pasta, subs, and salads, Mother’s is a great place to dine in because of the FREE breadsticks. Mother’s offers classic pizza and Chicago style along with calzones. They also have daily pizza specials which can be found on their website. Although I prefer to dine in at Mother’s to take advantage of the free breadsticks, hubby will also pick up a pizza for us on the way home from work. At this location, we order a Big Daddy classic pizza which offers a thick bubbly crust.


Tower Inn Cafe (Ypsilanti) – Tower Inn Cafe is located in Depot Town just across the street from the Eastern Michigan University Campus. Hubby and I visit Tower Inn on the weekends when the parking lot across the street is free. Both Detroit style pizza and classic are offered along with some gourmet pizzas. Their Pizza Blanca is an award winner so that is what we order. It’s totally different than our normal pizza style because it has a white sauce, chicken, bacon, cheese, tomatoes, onion, and basil. This location is close enough that we can head there when we get a craving!

So tell me in the comments about your favorite pizza place and if you’d like to see more of my reviews, feel free to follow me on Yelp.

For a local chain favorite, check out Buddy’s Pizza


  • Chris Blair

    Giordanos in Holland and also one of the Chicago greats needs to be on here. Although they did eliminate my shrimp pizza, the deep dish cheesy goodness is just so good. I now get either the canadian bacon or the veggie but it all is so good. They even ship frozen pizzas to all US locations.

  • Liz

    I love pizza but oddly haven’t been to any of the places you suggest. I second Chris’s recommendation of Giordano’s … I was so bummed when the Detroit location closed, so I always stop by when I’m in the Holland area. In this area, for local/non-chains, I like Green Lantern Pizza, Pizza House (A2), Alibi Pizza (Troy/Rochester), and a few others.

  • Tower Inn is a classic! We had pizza last weekend at a little party store in Central Lake, MI (near Torch Lake). The crust was so garlicky I had to stop licking my fingers to appreciate the amazing cheesiness of the rest! YUM!

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