40+ Fun Fall Activities during COVID

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40+ Fun Fall Activities during COVID

As COVID continues to affect our lives, things look a lot different and people are beginning to wonder about their usual fall activities and Halloween festivals. Although this is true, there are many fun fall activities you and your family or friends can plan that allow for social distancing.

40+ Fun Fall Activities during COVID

  1. Visit an apple orchard
  2. Find a pumpkin patch
  3. Navigate a corn maze 
  4. Head to a farmer’s market 
  5. Decorate your home for fall/Halloween
  6. Schedule an outdoor family photo shoot
  7. Burn fall scented candles 
  8. Carve pumpkins
  9. Roast pumpkin seeds 
  10. Make apple goodies (apple sauce, pie, crisp, carmel apples)
  11. Have an apple taste test 
  12. Make popcorn balls 
  13. Plant spring bulbs 
  14. Collect pine cones 
  15. Decorate pine cones (paint, glitter) 
  16. Make a pine cone bird feeder 
  17. Collect leaves to identify
  18. Make a leaf album 
  19. Create leaf crafts 
  20. Rake leaves
  21. Jump in a pile of leaves  
  22. Build a scarecrow 
  23. Take a scenic drive to see the fall colors
  24. Decorate a fall wreath 
  25. Make fall scented playdough (Pumpkin pie spice, cinnamon, and nutmeg)
  26. Go on a hike
  27. Bird watch 
  28. Visit a local park 
  29. Camp in your backyard
  30. Enjoy a bonfire
  31. Roast marshmallows
  32. Make smores
  33. Have a fall themed scavenger hunt 
  34. Go to a drive-in movie 
  35. Read fall/Halloween books 
  36. Fill small bags of candy and deliver to neighbors
  37. Watch Halloween movies
  38. Create Halloween costumes 
  39. Host a virtual Halloween costume contest
  40. Have a neighborhood costume parade 
  41. Make Halloween cards and send them to friends/family
  42. Play pin the nose on the pumpkin 
  43. Play hide-and-seek with glow sticks 

What are you looking forward to this fall? What would you add to this list? 

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  • Time to buy more hoodies if we’re still staying home 🙂 Halloween is my favorite holiday, so I’m excited for fall. Great list – thanks for sharing.

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