Riverside Park and Frog Island in Ypsilanti

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Riverside Park and Frog Island in Ypsilanti

The other night hubby and I had a nice dinner at a restaurant in Depot Town, Ypsilanti. Afterward, we decided to explore the park within walking distance from where we were parked. Little did we know, we were missing two unique parks all these years. If you live near Ypsilanti, I highly recommend at least one visit to Riverside Park and Frog Island.

The two parks are connected by a bridge over the Huron River. Depending on where you park, both parks should be explored in one trip! Besides, the walk across the bridge is the prettiest part (in my opinion) and there is some unique graffiti on the bridge supports.


Frog Island 

Frog Island is a 5-acre park on the Huron River just north of Riverside Park, between Cross Street and Forest Avenue. Frog Island has a small amphitheater at the southern end, a soccer field and running track in the middle, and a community garden maintained by the adjacent neighborhoods at the north end. Frog Island is connected to Riverside Park via the “tridge”, a three-pointed bridge at the south end of the park.

Frog Island also hosts some community events throughout the year. Visit this website to find out more!


Riverside Park 

Riverside is a 16-acre park on the Huron River in the center of Ypsilanti, linking downtown and Depot Town. It is the home to various annual events, such as the Heritage Festival, ElvisFest, Michigan Summer Beer Festival, and several automotive events.

Its features include a play structure, bike trail, paved walking trail, pavilion, picnic tables, and benches. It is a great place for walking, fishing, picnicking, sunbathing, birdwatching (we even saw chickens during our visit), and kayaking. For more information about kayaking this area or any part of the Huron River, visit the Huron River Water Trail website. 


Have you visited either of these parks? If so, what is your favorite activity there?


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