Pure Flix Offers a Variety of Easter Movies (+Giveaway)

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Pure Flix Offers a Variety of Easter Movies (+Giveaway)

Pure Flix Offers a Variety of Easter Movies (+Giveaway)

Easter is a time for rejoicing and remembering the sacrifice that Jesus made for all of humankind. With 64 movies that explore the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, Pure Flix is offering a wide variety of options to celebrate Easter.

Pure Flix, an online streaming service that provides faith and family-friendly entertainment, is offering a 7-day free trial just in time for the season. You can also enter below for your chance to win a free 3-month subscription to the service. For positive entertainment that changes lives and inspires hearts, check out Pure Flix today! 

Featured Easter Movies

For Adults: 

  • The Passion of Christ -A realistic depiction of the final 12 hours of Jesus Christ’s sacrificial crucifixion in Jerusalem. Not recommended for children under 17. 
  • Risen -The epic Biblical story of the Resurrection, as told through the eyes of a non-believer.
  • The Apostle Peter -A Pure Flix original movie tells the story of the Apostle Peter, a  disciple of Jesus and monumental figure of the early church. 

For Children:

  • VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter -Join your favorite VeggieTales characters as Marlee Meade is bored in her role as a cable news reporter. In her attempt to help, she actually ruins a production for the Easter celebration.
  • Lion of Judah -Follow along with these barnyard friends as they try to save a lamb, who thinks he’s a lion, from becoming part of the sacrificial altar at Passover. Can a cow, pig, chicken, and donkey save the day? And what lessons about courage, faith, and hope will they learn?
  • The Passion: A Brickfilm – Portrays the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection through the eyes of LEGO® characters.
My Review

I spent some time browsing the wide variety of 64 Easter movies available on the Pure Flix App. I discovered that some were very recognizable, like The Passion of Christ and The Chosen Series, while others were less familiar. I also discovered that some are short yet very meaningful films like He Knows my Name. Although short, it had a clear message of hope!

Rebekah is a young girl who witnessed a Man giving a sermon on the Mount. She is fascinated with this Man that many call the Messiah Jesus. Rebekah’s mom, a protective windowed mother, isn’t as easily convinced and doesn’t allow Rebekah to visit Him. Until one day, after much pleading, Rebekah is allowed to go to the Man. It is during this visit that Rebekah invites Jesus to her house to meet both her mother and her grandfather. It doesn’t take long to change the mother’s mind about the Man. He proved Himself by healing the grandfather and reassuring the mother that (with faith in Him) she will one day see her husband again. It is this hope that makes this short film inspiring and worth seeing! 


Enter for your chance to win a free 3-month Pure Flix subscription to Pure Flix. The giveaway ends on April 3 and the winner will be notified by email. This giveaway is limited to US winners only. 

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Disclosure: Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.


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