Kayaking in the Lower Huron Metropark

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Kayaking in the Lower Huron Metropark

Kayaking has become one of my favorite summer activities. The peacefulness of the water along with the sights and sounds of nature is a perfect combination. And I’ve found that kayaking is an activity that I’m able to do by myself or with friends.

Last summer my husband and I headed to the Lower Huron Metropark so that I could kayak the Huron River. This part of the river is very calm and entering/exiting the river is fairly easy. Although I can kayak here alone, a pick-up at the exit is necessary. Lucky for me, Hubby also loves nature so he did some sightseeing while I kayaked. That’s hubby on the bridge below.

The boat launch is located at the North Fishing Site which is near the Haggerty entrance. There is a circular gravel drive that can be used to park temporarily while you unload your kayak. Then it’s just a short walk to the good-sized launchpad.   

I really enjoyed paddling through this section of the Huron River. It is surrounded by woodlands and grassy meadows and there is plenty of wildlife. The current was calm so many times I just remained still to take in the surroundings. The trip from the North Fishing Site to the Group Camp took me about 30-45 minutes. But this summer I’d like to investigate other options like continuing on to Willow Metropark. 


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