Now Streaming…Farm to Fork to Love!

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Now Streaming…Farm to Fork to Love!

About the Movie: 

Alice, a young and talented sous chef at NY’s top restaurant, receives an invitation to judge a food competition for a prestigious annual fundraiser. Despite the dismay of Bret, her boss who is also her boyfriend, she accepts the invitation. Once she arrives in Kansas, Alice is surprised to find her former boyfriend in college, Christian is among the judges. The cooking show and her reconnection with Christian will make Alice reconsider her dream.

My Review:

My husband and I watched this movie together and we both enjoyed it. Although it was slightly predictable, it was a feel-good entertaining movie. If you enjoy light-hearted romance movies, this one is for you. Be forewarned, Farm to Fork to Love is a culinary-based movie so it may leave you with some mouth-watering cravings! 

Favorite Quotes: 

Following your heart and being true to yourself are themes in this movie. Some of my favorite quotes were: If you love what you do, you will never work another day in your life. If you love who you’re with, you will never be lonely another day in your life. 

Watching the Movie:

You can stream Farm to Fork to Love on Amazon Prime or Pure Flix. It can also be watched for free on Tubi. Whichever way you choose, come back to tell me your thoughts about the movie! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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