Kayaking in Proud Lake State Recreation Area

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Kayaking in Proud Lake State Recreation Area 

As I mentioned in a previous post, kayaking is one of my favorite summer activities for exercise and the sounds and sights of nature. Lucky for me, hubby purchased a kayak in June, and we’ve already been out twice. 

Yesterday, we decided to venture to the Proud Lake State Recreation Area for a different view of the Huron River. We chose this area because the river’s slow current allows up and downstream travel. Although there are many options for access to the river, we decided on the Proud Lake Boat Launch located near 3698 N. Wixom Road in Milford. This is an ideal place to launch because there’s close parking and vehicles can back up to the river for drop-off.  

There are two directions you can take from this launch. Downstream leads towards downtown Milford and upstream leads towards Proud Lake State Campground. We chose to go upstream which included a portage over Moss Dam.

When we reached the dam, docking was very easy although getting out of our kayaks was a slight challenge. We learned quickly that the wood was slippery, so take caution. Another option is to dock to the left near the shore. This area appeared to be less steep and easier to exit. Stopping at the dam is a good place for a potty break (there’s an outhouse), swimming, or a bite to eat. 

Regarding distances, it took us about an hour from the launch to Moss Dam and another 30 minutes to reach the campground. At this point, we turned around to head back down the river. We discovered is the trail was not well marked and we went the wrong direction in Proud Lake. I suggest paying close attention to land markings and directions when entering the lakes.

Besides getting a little off track, this course was easy to travel and full of beauty. We saw numerous species of birds, turtles, fish, and various types of foliage. In fact, this was the most beautiful area I’ve kayaked so far and I can’t wait to discover more of the Proud Lake Area. 


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