Kayaking Proud Lake Recreation Area to Downtown Milford

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Kayaking Proud Lake Recreation Area to Downtown Milford

Kayaking Proud Lake Recreation Area to Downtown Milford

This summer I’ve been kayaking many times in the Huron River, and by far my favorite kayaking has taken place within the Proud Lake Lake Recreation Area. Just as before, hubby and I launched at the boat launch near 3698 N. Wixom Road in Milford. The first time we kayaked upstream towards the Proud Lake State Campground, whereas this time, we ventured downstream to Downtown Milford. Of the two trips, the first was my favorite.

In our opinion, the best part of kayaking here is the slow current which allows us to paddle out and back. This means we can drive one vehicle, park it, and return to it. Whereas if we kayak near Argo Park in Ann Arbor where the current is stronger, we have to take two vehicles – one for the beginning and the other for the end. Of course, we prefer one vehicle for many reasons. 

The best part of this trip was kayaking through the tunnel under the railroad near Central Park. As you can see from the photo below, after going under the railroad there is immediately a vehicle bridge to go under. Such a unique experience and a great photo opportunity. 

Central Park, located just beyond these bridges, is a good place to take a break, eat lunch or a snack, or even visit downtown Milford. Hubby and I stopped here to stretch our legs and eat the snacks we brought with us. After a short stop, we started our trek back to where we began. 

As I mentioned above, we didn’t enjoy this trip as much as the first to Proud Lake Campground. This section was more wide open, we didn’t see as much wildlife, and there was more traffic and city noise. If you are coming to this area just once, I suggest the first although both provide good experiences! 

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