10 Things Husbands Want to Hear from Their Wives

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10 Things Husbands want to hear from their wives

10 Things Husbands Want to Hear from Their Wives

The universal love language for men is respect. Husbands yearn to feel esteemed, praised, and validated.  Here are ten things that all husbands need to hear from their wives:

1. “I appreciate you.”

Encourage your husband’s work effort. Let me know you appreciate his hard work and how he provides for your family.

2. “I’m glad I’m your wife.”

Husbands need to know you are content in your relationship and enjoy being with them.

3. “I feel safe and secure with you.”

Show your husband his protection is important and his presence is needed.

4. “I’m attracted to you.”

Your husband needs to know he’s the man! Tell him he’s hot and compliment his best features.

5. “I value your leadership.”

Men battle with insecurity and they wonder if they are providing enough for their families. Let your husband know you are always there for him and you respect the decisions he makes for you and your family.

6. “You are a great father.”

Men want to be heroes, especially in the eyes of their children. Tell your husband why he is a special dad in front of your children. Encourage your children to love on their dad with kind words.

7. “Thank you for your spiritual leadership.”

Many men want to be the spiritual leaders in their family. Encourage your husband, especially if he initiates spiritual oneness in the family.

8. “I missed you.”

Let your husband know you missed him during the day. If he goes away, let him know you can’t wait for his return. He needs to know he is loved and needed.

9. “Thank you for being dependable.”

Show gratitude when your husband takes care of everyday needs. Always thank him for the things he does, like filling your gas tank, taking out the garbage, filling your tires with air, etc.

10. “I believe in you.”

Encourage your husband to always be the best he can be. Let him know you believe in him by saying so.







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